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Marc Battaglia

Combining SEO and Web Design can be challenging because there are many factors on both sides to consider. There are constant battles between the design, the content, the programming, the marketing, and the optimization techniques.I provide both!


A showcase of my works

Below you will find some examples of my web design, these sites have also been search engine optimized. Get your site designed or redesigned today!


What I'm good at

combine SEO techniques with our high quality Web Design to create very effective Search Engine friendly websites. I work with small companies from all over the country and even other web design or SEO firms seeking our expertise in the very specific space of SEO Web Design.

Digital Media

Proven work experience as a Digital media specialist


The process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” search results.

Web Design

Web Design is the process of creating an online presence!


Here are some of the cool companies I work with...


Don't take my word for it


Here's how I work

There are six steps in the process of getting started with Radius SEO. This will be our baseline in the beginning, as we grow in the rankings I will continue on with advanced strategies that will will discuss. Listed Below are the steps:

Defining the problem

Conduct the research

Basic sketches

Design & development

Final discussion

Product launch


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Let’s get this new project started! The longer you wait the longer it will be to start ranking on the first page of google for your business! Let’s get started now.



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